Does the 2020 Lexus ES Feature Apple CarPlay?

October 14th, 2019 by

2020 Lexus ES Connectivity Features and Technologies

The new 2020 Lexus ES is one of the most advanced luxury sedans ever designed! It delivers exceptional entertainment and infotainment options through great technology features, such as Apple CarPlay® and its Android equivalent Android Auto®. But what do these two features do for you and what other great technologies are on the new Lexus ES? Continue reading to find out!

Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto® Explored

As mentioned above, the new 2020 Lexus ES does indeed offer Apple CarPlay®! It also features the Android Auto® system, for those without the Apple iPhone®. These two systems work by integrating your phone to your vehicle and giving you access to many features that can utilize its multimedia display. These features include the ability to make calls, send and receive messages via Siri® and Google Assistant, and access navigation if your vehicle doesn’t already offer it.

You can connect these systems by downloading the respective apps to your compatible smartphones and following onscreen instructions that will tell you how to integrate them directly with your vehicle. However, while these two technologies give you a great base for what features the new 2020 Lexus ES has they’re far from the only ones!

Lexus Enform System

Another great connectivity feature is the Lexus Enform system, which elevates connectivity technologies to a whole new level. This system has a variety of emergency assistance features, available onboard Wi-Fi, and even the ability to start your engine remotely! It links with your smartphone, smartwatch, Lexus skill compatible Amazon Alexa devices, and other great systems.

Another great function that this system offers includes the ability to track a ton of great information about your vehicle. You can see your vehicle’s fuel level and mileage, health reports, maintenance alerts, and even receive alerts if your vehicle exceeds a preset speed limit when allowing someone else to drive. All this information will be displayed on your compatible device, letting you keep track of your Lexus ES even when you’re not behind its wheel!

The new 2020 Lexus ES has a ton of amazing features and technologies for you to enjoy, especially in terms of connectivity! It works well with a variety of smart devices, allowing you to stay connected no matter where you are. To learn more about this great vehicle, or to take it for a test drive yourself, contact our dealership today!

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